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Chill, Stick & Go!

After suffering a bicep tendon injury, Noah Soltes did exactly what all athletes are told to do – he applied ice. Then, the unthinkable happened. The large block of ice he was holding to his arm slipped from his hands. The impact crushed two toes and fractured his foot.

Soltes searched for alternatives to keep an ice pack exactly where he needed it but quickly realized there were simply no satisfactory options. As an athlete who relied on ice to reduce post-workout stiffness and swelling, he knew there had to be a better, smarter solution.

Thousands of prototypes later, PAINCAKES® stickable cold relief packs were born.

Revolutionary PAINCAKES® is the world’s first cold relief pack that uses Chill & Stick technology. They’re incredibly convenient, perfectly discreet and re-stick up to 100x. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, they conform to ANY part of the body to help relieve post-workout inflammation as well as pain from chronic conditions including arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and even plantar fasciitis.

Olympic champion Mia Hamm uses PAINCAKES®. You can, too!

No straps, no tape, no problem… Recovery has never been so easy or convenient!

Available in various colors and sizes

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Mia Hamm (Gold Medal Olympian/Soocer Legend)

“I’ve been playing competitive soccer since I was 15... Now I’m 47... all that physical activity has taken a toll on my body. You know, what’s great about Paincakes is I’m really able to target where those aches & pains are from head to toe.”

Sponsored by Mia Hamm

They Are Wonderful!

“They are wonderful, very adaptable & easy to use!!”

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Great for active kids!

“Works great and stays right where you need it. Allows me to be mobile while getting the reflief I need. I loaned them to a friend who plans to order her own!”

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These are amazing!

“These are amazing stick-on ice packs, what a brilliant invention!”

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